Sometimes you just need help getting comfortable using a tool, or you can't avoid a specific error message, or you want a second pair of eyes to check your work. We want you to get comfortable and confident doing it yourself, or have somebody you can reach out to for help. We have been working with and teaching others about R for nine years, and working in research and management for 15 so we're just as fluent talking about R as we are talking about ecological and environmental data.

Take a look at how we can help you learn R, be a lifeline when you (or your lab/department/business) need help, or build the function or tool you need to keep your research humming along.

Custom Products

Ideally research is a straight line from project planning to publication quality products. Unfortunately this path is often twisted around and loops back on itself because the tools you need just don't exist. We can work with you to develop, build, and deploy whatever it is you need to make your work more streamlined, from a desktop app, to a website, to a script you run locally, to a function that reads raw sensor data into a useful format. Take a look at some examples of our work


Getting started or trying  a new approach in R can be overwhelming. There's new vocabulary, a new set of rules to follow, and often vague error messages. On top of that one of R's strengths can also be a challenge when you are getting started: there are at least three or four ways to accomplish any task in R, how do you know which to pick?

We are familiar with a lot of different ways to get things done with environmental and ecological data so that we can help you find the approach that makes the most sense for you. We'll help to translate from ecology to R, so you'll have more time analyzing your data, and less time fixing error messages.

Consultation & Code Review

Sometimes no matter how comfortable you feel you hit a roadblock and you need a new perspective to solve a problem. We can look at the work you've done and apply our experience working in a broad set of environmental fields to keep you moving forward. When you are ready to share your work we provide confidential code reviews to make sure everything is uniform, comprehensible, and comprehensive before publication of your research or your analysis code.

Lab, Department, & Corporate Contracts

In addition to working with individuals to improve their R skills, troubleshoot problematic code, or review their work before a final write-up, we also offer the same services to groups. You might not have an R expert in your lab group, or your department, or your business, but contracting with us can give you someone with an open door to help everyone from employees to undergraduate students. We can help improve how your organization works now, and how the people you're teach work in the future.